Just days after a release in the United States seemed up in the air for Devil’s Third, Nintendo of America and Valhalla Games Studios drops a ton of information regarding the title.

According to the press release by Valhalla Games Studios, both they and Nintendo of America, co-owners of the IP rights, plan on publishing the game themselves “in the 4th quarter of 2015” in the US. The game is still planned for release on August 4th, 2015 in Japan and August 28th, 2015 in Europe.

An even bigger shocker, Valhalla Games Studios has created a free-to-play PC exclusive online game based on the IP tentatively titled, Devil’s Third Online.

To spread “Devil’s Third” around the world, this game service will run from September 2015 onwards, in various regions around the world following the release of the Wii U version in each region.

They clarify that Devil’s Third Online is an online-exclusive for PC only, and its “service is specialized matchup”.

We will definitely be bringing you more on this as it comes.

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