There is very little we know for certain about the NX. We don’t know what it is, when it’s coming, what it does, or even what it will be officially named.

Despite everything we don’t know, however, it gives us a chance to speculate and guess what exactly is in store for Nintendo’s next big project, whatever it may be.

If there is one thing that is certain, it’s that the games that are released for a console at launch are crucial. For many who may be on the fence about buying said system, the titles available to play on day one may make or break their purchase. While launch lineups are not always definitive of how successful the system will ultimately be, they can be a strong indicator to consumers what the system is possible of. Nintendo has a lot to prove to their closest fans, as well as the general public. To do so, these are the titles that should launch with the NX to help it succeed.

The next 3D Mario title

Fans have been clamoring for the next 3D Mario title, and while the Wii U’s major Mario release, Super Mario 3D World, was all kinds of awesome, it wasn’t the true sequel that fans wanted to see after the spectacular Super Mario Galaxy 1 & 2 blew us all away on the Wii.

The second Galaxy title was originally released in 2010, meaning it has been nearly six years since the last proper 3D Mario title. The arrival of such a game on day one of the NX would not only be an exciting game for hardcore Nintendo fans, but is also a type of game that is appealing and recognizable by more casual gamers and families. Putting Mario at the forefront may not be something brand new from Nintendo, but let’s face it; it’s something that works.

A new game from a third party

One of the biggest disappointments that occurred throughout the Wii U’s rather short life cycle was the lack and eventual disappearance of any third party support. While developers such as EA, Ubisoft and Warner Bros were supportive at launch, many of the games that came from these developers were either already on the competitor’s consoles for over a year (i.e Mass Effect 3, Batman: Arkham Origins) or required the development of versions specifically for the uniqueness that came with the Wii U (i.e. Watchdogs). As a result, Nintendo was forced to carry the weight of releasing sufficient titles for the Wii U on their own, and led to large gaps between major releases. As a result, some games were left feeling underdeveloped and less than the usual high-quality Nintendo titles we’re used to.

While a Nintendo console may never have the true third party support that the PS4 and Xbox One do, the presence of a new game from one of these third party developers at the launch of the NX would show fans that the system will be supported throughout its life cycle by more than just Nintendo.

Zelda Wii U

Will Nintendo pull another Twilight Princess and release Zelda Wii U simultaneously on the Wii U and the NX? They absolutely should.

It’s been confirmed that the new, supposedly western-inspired, Zelda title is 100 percent still coming to Wii U, but it would only make sense for it to also arrive on NX. If this new title is going to be as grandiose and interesting as they are making it out to be, it would be a shame to put it on solely on the Wii U, which let’s face it, is a dying console. By having it there at launch for the NX, it will reach the audience the game deserves, and will realistically be played by a lot more people. If this new title doesn’t make it on NX, it will most likely be years before the NX would receive a proper Zelda title. and how long will fans wait for a new Zelda title?

What games do you want to see at the launch lineup of the NX? Is it one of these or is it an entirely different game completely? Let us know all of your thoughts below.

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