EA, the proprietors of the online gaming store Origin have decided that it is time to change the name of the accounts that Origin users hold. From now on Origin accounts will be called EA accounts because that apparently will “better represent all of EA’s games and services” according to an e-mail that EA sent out in mass to all Origin account holders. There really is little to speculate on here as there is seemingly no reason behind the change unless EA is planning to change the name of their online game store which would make little since considering that it is already a well known, if not always well liked, gaming store.

This change will not affect the way users log in at all, and the same usernames and passwords will be used, thus leaving many users to wonder why they are even bothering to inform us of this change. In the next few weeks the change will take place and every origin user will have an EA account instead of an Origin account. This seems a bit like if suddenly every Steam user had a Valve account instead of a Steam account, but maybe EA has some sort of reasoning behind these changes.

Origin will now have over 50 million ‘EA accounts’ that purchase its large library of both EA and non-EA games through the online retail giant.

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