Bethesda Studios is known for their open world games, and unfortunately, also the bugs that often accompany their launch. The 2011 release of Skyrim saw the studio facing multiple problems developing the title for the PlayStation 3, including a poor frame rate.

However, a number of these bugs that players encountered in Skyrim have contributed to Bethesda working to make a better Fallout 4. Game director Todd Howard said the studio now has a better grasp of what bugs and problems to anticipate when developing the upcoming title.

“I think we’ve gotten way better there,” Howard said in an interview with Game Informer. “For us, [the player’s] saved game is the number one thing. If the game crashes that’s bad, but it is nowhere near as bad as someone’s saved game being hosed. That’s our scenario that we will do anything and everything to avoid. We made a lot of progress given how Skyrim went, but we did it during Skyrim. This just builds on that.”

“It probably took us a month or two before we really had a handle on it,” he said. “All of the updates we did on Skyrim, and all of the DLC–once we sorted [the bugs out] we had a different process for how we checked the content out.”

Sounds like Fallout 4 will launch with hopefully less bugs than previous games have – do you think it’ll happen? Let us know below.

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