World of Tanks

With the release of World of Tanks for Xbox One fast approaching, Wargaming is giving players a free premium tank for pre-downloading the game.

As of Tuesday you can download the game from the Xbox One store. Doing so rewards you with the T1E6-X1, a Tier II American light tank. The tank also comes with an exclusive emblem and camouflage.

Currency in World of Tanks is divided into two types: Silver, which is earned through playing the game, and Gold, which is obtained with real money or through special promotions. The T1E6-X1 is worth 750 gold, roughly a three dollar value.

The Xbox One version of World of Tanks is cross-compatible with the Xbox version. All of your stuff, including unlocked tanks, experienced, crew, and credits, will carry over. The game is free to download, provided you have an Xbox Live Gold subscriptions, otherwise the game gives you a seven day free trial.

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