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Dai Gyakuten Saiban: Naruhodou Ryuunosuke no Bouken or The Great Ace Attorney; was released in Japan on the 9th of July this year and had its first DLC story available already. Details have surfaced on the second DLC and it appears to be a short comedy. The DLC in The Great Ace Attorney is done in the same fashion as Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright where instead of full blown cases like in Ace Attorney 5, there will be short bite sized self-contained stories. There are currently plans for 8 of these DLC stories so far.

The DLC is part of ‘The Randst Magazine’ series within the game and this one takes place on the “Araclay steamship” that’s on its way to London. After an incident, the main character gets wrapped into the plot and is suspected and must prove his innocence and find the true culprit. Each DLC also gets little bonuses like this a custom Nintendo 3DS theme based on characters and such.

In Japan, the DLC can be purchased at 300 yen a piece or the entire bundle for 2000 yen. Convert it as you will to your own currency and you’ll have a rough idea on how much these DLC will be when the game eventually makes its way over!



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