Players can still pick up a great deal on the 2010 hit Mafia 2 to celebrate the announcement of Mafia 3 earlier this week.  The deal is 80% off the title on the PC, through Steam, and will run for a further 24 hours at the time of publication.

The Mafia II digital deluxe edition comes with the “Man Made” DLC, and is available for $8.  The rest of the DLC that is available for the game is also marked down in price.

Mafia II on the console is still priced at $20, and is available for both the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

Mafia III was announced earlier this week with a single image featuring a very mobster-esque scene of four people standing above a single soul kneeling before them.  The scene is illuminated by the headlights of their vehicles and captures a gritty tone that will hopefully translate well to the game.

We expect more details to be released soon at Gamescom.  There is currently no information regarding Mafia III’s release or the platforms it will be released on.

Are you a fan of Mafia?  Do you love the classic mob?  Let us know in the comments below.


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