captain america 1Say what you will about Square Enix’s Play Arts Kai, they make a great-looking action figure. They’ve redesigned a fair amount of the Justice League, Star Wars villains, Thor, Iron Man, even Kal El. And since Play Arts Kai redesigned all of the main members of the Justice League, they’ve now turned their gaze towards the Avengers, with their latest redesign being for Captain America.

While some designs involve characters that couldn’t fit through a subway doorframe even if they tried, the Captain America redesign seems to be pretty conservative. It’s probably the redesign closest resembling it’s original look.

The figure comes with a stand, removable shield, a few different hands in different positions, and a few removable armor pieces. While there’s been no word on pricing, the figures usually run around $80-$130.

captain america 3

captain america 4

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