As winners of the Gamespresso Heroes Open #2, we’re happy to continue our coverage of Miasma eSports. After last week’s introduction to the team, it was only fitting to do an interview with Renal, the Team Captain and Shot Caller for Miasma eSports.

Currently, Rory “Renal” Gilhooly is attending Rosalind Franklin University for a post-Bachelor’s program. He plans on attending podiatry school in the following year.

In his spare time Renal is busy practicing Heroes of the Storm, and occasionally can be found streaming for Extralife. So far he has managed to raise ~$1000 for the organization.

Q: How did you end up coming to own Miasma eSports? Was there a particular chain of events that led up to it?

A: Well, not really. I was playing around on Team League and we ran into some opponents that were pretty good. AxxMaxxTa and I were playing with some pretty bad people. We were just playing around and trolling, and we ran into some pretty good opponents and they w