On July 21st, Blizzard released their latest hero for Heroes of the Storm, Leoric, the skeleton king. Leoric is a melee warrior who uses debilitating slows and an interesting respawn mechanic to disrupt the battlefield.

Since the hero video below already explains Leoric’s abilities, I will go over a few points regarding his strengths and weaknesses. First, due to Leoric’s close-range tether and area-of-effect slow, he excels at fighting other melee heroes. Thus teams with melee assassins will have a difficult time getting through Leoric. Also, heroes with limited mobility with have a tough time dealing with Leoric because of his heroic ability, entomb, which traps enemies inside an impassable tomb.

Don’t be too disheartened as the skeleton king has weaknesses as well. Leoric relies on close-range abilities to slow and disrupt his opponents; however, he can be easily kited by high mobility heroes. Even his second heroic ability, march of the black king, depends heavily on his targets being locked down. Plus Leoric deals little damage (like most warriors) so he has to rely on his team to secure kills.

Like Johanna and the Butcher, Leoric is the third character released in the Diablo event, Enternal Conflict. Leoric can be purchased in the shop for 15,000 gold coins, or as a bundle at the store.


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