The Force Awakens has a high bar set for itself. The past three Star Wars films haven’t exactly been on-par with the original trilogy to say the least. As well, The Force Awakens will be the first Star Wars film that George Lucas has had the least say in. While good news from J. J. Abrams has given us some good news on how the final cut of the film will be determined, there’s still a fair amount of pressure for The Force Awakens to do well.

With the film being released in two months, on December 18th, Lucasfilm has released a bunch of information on the film. First off, ticket sales will begin tomorrow, October 19th, at select theaters. Check the list here for more information on which theaters will be selling tickets. As well, a new trailer will be premiering during tomorrow’s ESPN Monday Night Football.

Last but definitely not least, the official poster for The Force Awakens has been released.  The poster has the same sort of feel that the original trilogy had, and has some unknown entities involved. First off, the large circular object that somewhat resembles a Death Star could be another Empire secret weapon. It could also just be a droid. As well, there’s the little guy with the goggles standing next to R2-D2 hasn’t been revealed until this point. His role in the film is still unknown, although he doesn’t look like he’ll be a major character. The new trailer tomorrow could enlighten us on both of these unknown elements will be in the full movie. Check out the poster below and let us know what you think of it.

the force awakens poster

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