Hitman (just Hitman this time) is the next installment to the franchise, and there’s ten or so minutes of unofficial alpha gameplay that’s been leaked. You can check it out here.

The developer IO Interactive has commented on the leak, saying that it’s not the best quality there is and that the ‘proof is to come’. Well, you shouldn’t be expecting a polished Hitman game just yet, anyway, it’s still in alpha.

Despite that, veterans of the game will be pleased to see that the missions, as shown in the trailer, show promise of the open ended missions; this gives you plenty of opportunities to get creative with your kills. The Hitman series is the only time you can get away with saying that you’re going to intricately orchestrate an assassination and carry it out as a bald guy in a suit. As one of the execs put it, Agent 47’s cloned and ageless capability keeps the game ‘timeless’.

What has been described as the ‘ultimate assassin experience’ in an interview on the demo from E3 this year, in a ‘location that is 6 times bigger than Blood Money’, in Paris, France at first, a much larger scope of gameplay – literally – is available for you to play in.

Hitman isn’t going to be on early access, and it isn’t going to come in a series of episodes, which clears up some of the concern regarding the game’s release schedule. All the content updates will be free; they’ll contain new missions, locations and different gameplay mechanics.

There will even be ‘live events’ where you’ll have one shot at an assassination.

Hitman is due to launch digitally on PC PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on December 8th, and has been confirmed for a physical disc copy in 2016.


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