As of this weekend, players in the zombie mmog H1Z1 can rest easy knowing that cheaters in the game are getting taken out left and right. Players will no longer have to worry about people glitching, hacking, or generally just messing up the game’s experience for them. Specifically the H1Z1 studio appears to be targeting users who are taking advantage of ESP hacks as shown in this tweet from the president of Daybreak, John Smedley.

While the studio has not given any specific numbers for how many players have been banned, H1Z1 players have already reported a massive drop in cheating within the game. Only time will tell if these bans will be permanent, but for now the studio seems to be taking this problem seriously and hopefully will continue to do so in the future.

H1Z1 is currently on Early Access on Steam for $20 and will hopefully also be coming to PS4 later this year!


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