Initially going with Shawn Levy who had been the director for the Night at the Museum series, Mojang has since cancelled the collaboration with him and went out to look for another young strapping director for the Minecraft movie. Mojang and Warner Brothers has revealed that they’ve zero’d in on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia actor/producer/director Rob “Ronald ‘Mac’ McDonald”. In the announcement post on Mojang’s blog, it was revealed that McElhenney’s presence at Minecon London this year was due to this.

Rob McElhenney has very little experience with directing with only directing 4 episodes of It’s Always Sunny, but he has been involved in many projects including creating the show Living Loaded and writing Boldly Going Nowhere. His latest directing work is on Pariah, a comedy movie with some seemingly dark undertones.

There’s not much information regarding when the movie will be released or how the movie will be presented. But if it’s any consolation, Rob’s twitter jest that the movie will be ‘strange and wonderful’ and that’s the way I’d expect it with McElhenny at the helm.

Let’s hope the movie will stand out and be a resounding success like the Lego Movie!

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