Microsoft executive Aaron Greenberg discussed the delay of Xbox One exclusive Scalebound with IGN, which led to more discussion of the how the rest of the year shapes up for the console.

Greenberg said that Scalebound would have trouble competing with the rest of Microsoft’s games in the year of 2016, stating that it will have “better success” next year.

“As we’re looking at the lineup for this year, and where [developer Platinum Games] are [with Scalebound]–what their aspirations are; that game is super-aspirational…we want to be able to give them enough time and resources to do that,” Greenberg said. “So strategically, give it time to breathe; let’s make sure we can give it enough space. First and foremost, always make sure the game is great.”

Greenberg also discussed the “rivalry” that many fans believe exist between Microsoft and Sony, something which he claims is not true.

“We play and compete, but after the game we shake hands,” he said. “We all feel really fortunate that we get to work in this industry. And, while we compete, there’s a [mutual] admiration. It’s how we connect and what makes this industry so special and unique.

“There’s no hatred or any of that. I think what you see, unfortunately, sometimes online, is not really reflective [of the reality of the situation]; we’re human people, we’re often friends. We’ll go out to dinners and spend time together. We obviously don’t share secrets. But at the end of the day, it’s a closer, friendlier industry than what people think.”

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