In this video, we see Youtuber Keyori play on the updated ARAM map, Butcher’s Bridge.

Riot released this new map with patch 5.14, which is a reskinned version of the one way bridge. It comes complete with cannons, a new shopkeep and pirate ships! The loading screen is pretty awesome with some sweet nautical details, as well.

The pirate-themed champions, Gangplank and Miss Fortunes, have been tweaked a bit with some gameplay and visual adjustments. Other planned skins will be released in the near future for Garen, Quinn, Graves, Twisted Fate and Aatrox.

The map in the video is very detailed one you leave the bridge: the ships are sailing, birds are flying and the townspeople have the lights on in their houses. The summoner skill, mark (which allows you to whoosh to whatever enemy champion or minion it hits), turns you into a ship, which is pretty awesome to see.

The patch the introduced the new map will tie in with the ”Bilgewater: burning Tides” event which will being in a new game mode called Black market brawlers, where players can hire NPCs to bolster their team.

So enjoy the new map, me hearties!