With last month showing off the last of the revealed crossover content with Animal Crossing and Metroid, the July DLC pack shows off more nostalgic based content for fans of the older series. Check out the video from the Monster Hunter YouTube channel above!

Here’s a breakdown of what’s to be expected in the pack coming tomorrow:

-Challenge Quest 7: Fight a Yian Garuga and Brachadios at the same time, then a Furious Rajang
-Monster Fest 4: Fight an Apex Deviljho and Zinogre with chain fences
-High Rank Quest: Leaping Terror (Fight a Daimyo and Cephadrome), Plain & Carefree (Fight a Yian Kutku in the Ancestral Steppe) and Heavy Metal (Fight a Basarios and Ruby Basarios)
-Finish “Today’s Special: Meat” quest by hunting for meat and cooking them well done to get materials to craft the ‘Ham’ Hammer
-Pillar of Strength: Defeat Dalamadur to unlock materials for EX Rebellion and EX Riot armor set
-All the Rage: Defeat two Furious Rajang on the Inglet Isles to unlock the EX Aridian set
-G Rank Quest: The Silver King’s Slumber: Defeat a Silver Rathalos to get incredibly high tiered weapons and armor materials
-Episodic Quest 5: Complete “A Lady’s Lament, A Maiden’s Mission and finally “A Girl’s Gumption” to obtain tickets to craft weapons and armor sets from previous games. Also “A Girl’s Gumption” gives extremely high tiered weapons and armor materials from the Golden Rathian
-July 17th unlocks the Star Knight missions from Universal Studios Japan including: USJ: Tigrex 3D to unlock Star Knight sword and shield and Palico set and USJ: A Colorful Feast to unlock the Star Knight armor set by defeating a difficult Seregio and Zinogre

As mentioned, this might mean the end to crossover content, but we can only confirm that next month. That said, there’s not going to be an end to content as this DLC just like previous ones are free and very substantial.

The amount of enjoyment I’ve gotten out of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate is still immeasurable. I’m still playing it and I welcome this new slew of DLC as I slog my way through the ridiculous amount that’s already there!

Happy hunting hunters!

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