A new update has been rolled out for preview members that are using the New Xbox One Experience. The update includes various UI tweaks, bug fixes, and the new Community Calendar feature.

A list of the new features and bug fixes was published on the private preview forums.

    • Community Calendar.  A new version of the Community Calendar app is available to download and install from “Beta and Games Apps” in the Xbox Preview Dashboard.Today we’re flighting a 1510 system update to Threshold Preview. The system update will be available at 6:00 pm today, 10/18/15 and mandatory at 2:00 AM PDT on 10/20/15. 
  • Fixes:
    • Friends List: The friends list will now successfully update in the guide.
    • System Update: Users performing a system update while the console is in use, will no longer experience their screens freezing, or receive an E203 error and the update will apply correctly.
    • Wireless Networking:
      • Users should no longer encounter a “wireless network hardware on this console is not working” error when connecting to Xbox Live with a wireless connection.
      • You will now be able to detect wireless networks with an external hard drive attached.
    • Crash on dashboard: You should no longer encounter a crash when moving from the Home tab to the Store tab on the dashboard.
    • TV Audio with Instant-On: When resuming from connected standby, Live TV should no longer start with no audio.

There is still a long list of known issues, which can be expected of any beta program, but the NXOE is well on its way to being ready for full release in November.

As of now, every preview member who opted into the NXOE should be able to download it and use the new update. Don’t forget to report other issues you run into as the team attempts to fix everything they can before release.

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