Blizzard confirmed Wednesday that they will be releasing a new expansion for their online card game Hearthstone, called “The Grand Tournament.” The expansion will add over 130 new cards and will feature the same pricing as previous expansions.

Blizzard has said that many of the new cards will interact with the various character’s hero powers. The expansion introduces the new mechanic of “inspire.” Inspire effects trigger whenever a player uses their hero power.

In a live stream Blizzard showcased many of the new cards in action. Of these include the new legendary minion Justicar Trueheart, who replaces the player’s hero power, and the ten mana neutral epic Frost Giant, which costs one less for every time a play has used their hero power.

The match also showcased the expansion’s custom arena.

A user on the /r/Hearthstone Subreddit has been keeping track of all the currently revealed minions. You can check that out here.

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