A new mod for GTA V has brought Night Rider’s talking, jumping car into the game.  The Night Rider KITT mod very simply allows players to cruise around Los Santos in the talking Trans Am from the original Knight Rider TV series.  Fans of the 80s TV show will definitely want to look into picking this mod up.

The mod features William Daniel’s voice from the show and also features many KITT’s abilities from the show.  Players are given the ability to drive on two wheels, turbo boost, jump into the air, drive on water, and the car is even capable of driving itself (whether you are inside or not).  Disappointingly however there is no scanning light bar on the front of the vehicle.

The abilities for the car are assigned to the number keys, enhancing the feeling that you are using KITT’s center-console buttons.  The car is destructible in-game, and the mod also features a transforming version of KITT from the 2008 version of Night Rider, although this may not be the main attraction for most people interested in this mod.  The mod is available for download here.

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