Nintendo has partnered with Facebook in an effort to help promote Super Mario Maker.

The partnership was initially announced via Nintendo of America’s Twitter account, and will be comprised of Facebook employees creating levels for the game. Nintendo later explained this would be a “Hackathon” held on the Facebook Campus, and employees would be working together in teams to create levels for the level editor.

A judging panel comprised of Nintendo and Facebook employees will then pick their favourite level which will go on to be added to Super Mario Maker as free content for all players.

Super Mario Maker release date was recently announced as September 11, worldwide. Billed as the Mario hacker’s dream, it will allow players to construct levels based in the original 8-bit Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros. 3, Super Mario World or Super Mario Bros. U. These levels can then be played through or shared online for friends and other players to download and play themselves.

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