The Game Awards 2015 occurred last week, and attracted 2.3 Million Viewers.

According to Geoff Keighley, the organizer and host of the show, the show was a huge success. Last year’s inaugural game awards drew in 2 million views, which was also created by Geoff Keighley. So this year’s game awards had a 20 percent increase in viewers.

After revealing the success of the show, Keighley went on to say that this means that the The Game Awards 2016 is likely to happen. According to Polygon, Keighley stated, “With the growth this year and all the sponsor support, I feel pretty confident we will be back next December for The Game Awards 2016.” However, this is not yet written in stone.

Keighley stated, he was pleased with the shorter run time, and more awards on his 2015 show than his 2014 one. He also reveals, “one thing I wanted to do this year was a big eSports tournament the day of the show, but we just didn’t have enough bandwidth to get it done.”

People watching on the Xbox One were also able to guess which games were going receive awards in real time. Which sounds like it may have been fun.

According to Polygon, “The top streaming platforms for this year’s show, not surprisingly, were Twitch and YouTube. And the show managed to trend worldwide, with more than one billion impressions on Twitter with tweets using #TheGameAwards, a doubling of last year’s social impact, according to media monitoring and analytics company Sysmos. More than 175,000 different people used that hashtag, writing about 279,000 tweets.”

I think The Game Awards 2016 will be even more successful than the 2015 one.

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