In 2013 a difficult, and widely panned, platformer was released.  Since then the developers, tinyBuild, have been hard at work rectifying what they saw as a mistake and have now released the remastered version of No Time To Explain.

The game was originally available in 2013, but suffered from major drawbacks that the developers were aware of.  In a blog post by the company they explained that this was down to them not knowing how to code the game properly.

“Neither Tom Brien or I — the pair who started tinyBuild four years ago — know how to code properly. We can do rapid prototyping, but we’re in no way professional programmers. This is one of the main reasons why the original release of No Time to Explain sucked.”

Now it’s been remastered using the Unity engine and is back out on Steam, featuring local multiplayer, more characters and much more added in.  tinyBuild stated in their post that this was “the game you (the fans) deserved originally.”

No Time To Explain is available on Xbox One and PC via Steam, and is free for owners of the original.

Are you satisfied with a remaster to fix the problems?  Is this kind of game just the kind you need?  Let us know in the comments below.

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