The NX, Nintendo’s next console, could begin pilot construction by October, a report from a Taipei-based news organisation has claimed.

Digitimes, the Taiwan-based news organisation mentioned above, has claimed that Nintendo has struck a deal with Foxconn Electronics, the electronics manufacturing giant behind many of Apple’s devices as well as both current generation consoles. The contract is quoted to say that Nintendo wants the NX to enter pilot assembly “by October at the latest.”

The report goes on to claim that Nintendo aim to ship 20 million of their newest console in the first year of release, and that mass production will begin in either May or June 2016, aiming for a July 2016 release. Alongside this commercial drive, assembly of the commercial failure, the WiiU, will continue to wind down.

Despite Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata only recently reiterating that there would be no announcements surrounding Nintendo’s NX until 2016, the report’s details are said to have come from an inside source. Nevertheless, it is important to remember that Nintendo will want to be moving on from what is so far their worst-selling console in the company’s history, even below the Virtual Boy.

No details have been given surrounding the NX, but if Digitimes’ claims turn out to be true, that would suggest Nintendo has already finalised plans on what the system will look like and how it will perform, meaning they are only keeping details quiet to create more hype. Either way, keep your eyes peeled for any more details or leaks regarding the NX!

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