Developer Psyonix has announced that a new Rocket League patch is upcoming in the next few days to resolve in-game issues. While they have not given us the full changelog, Psyonix has given us quite a few of the issues being resolved. These are the details they have given us:

  • Numerous crashes in the Steam version have been fixed.
  • The news ticket should now work properly, rather than read, “You are offline, please connect to the Internet to get updated news!”
  • AI bots’ difficulty setting will be automatically matched to the average skill level of players in the game.
  • Distance traveled will now be properly tracked in online games; currently the only way to get the trophy for driving 500 km requires you to play an offline AI game.
  • The Virtuoso achievement on Steam will properly unlock.
  • You’ll see invisible cars while playing online less often.
  • Main menu rendering is being improved, making your PS4‘s fans less likely to kick in while sitting at it.

There is also news of DLC with two new car models which may be coming soon as well. Stay tuned to Gamespresso for more Rocket League news and announcements.

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