If you have never heard of the Star Wars franchise, you just might live under a rock. If you don’t live under that rock, then you also know that the series’ latest installment, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, will be hitting theaters this December. Disney and Lucasfilm are giving everyone a chance to check out the entire Star Wars library prior in one shot.

Starting tomorrow, October 19th, tickets will not only go one sale for The Force Awakens, but for a full marathon, showing each film in the series back to back. Only select theaters will participate in the marathon. You can see the full list of those theaters, as well as other events surrounding The Force Awakens here.

If you’re looking to get tickets for this event, you might want to have 3 computers and a couple of phones at the ready. The Star Wars franchise is one loved by many and you can be sure those tickets will go fast.

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