During the month of December, the UK YouTube group, Yogscast held its annual charity campaign. During this month they partnered with over 50 game developers and publishers to add over 60 games to Humble Bundle, ranging from Goat Simulator to Neverwinter DLC packs. At $2,577,801, the total funds collected by the group this year far exceeded the total from the previous year, with $284,000 being raised on the first day of the campaign and over $1 million being raised by the end of the first week. The event was broadcast live on the group’s official Twitch channel.

When gamers purchased the Yogscast Humble Bundle, they had a choice to donate the funds to one of six charities. These charities included The Mental Health Foundation, Cancer Research UK, Whale and Dolphin Conservation, ILGA Special Effect, and Games Aid UK. Donors also had the option of choosing from a variety of other charitable organizations from around the world.

Yogscast’s CEO, Mark Turpin comments on the success of this year’s campaign, stating, “It’s been an amazing and humbling experience. We understood that we had a fantastic bundle and a great line-up of entertainers throughout the month, but we never dared to dream that we would raise so much for such fantastic causes.”

This year’s charity event brings the total amount that the group has raised since they started the annual fundraiser four years ago to over $6 million.

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