Dark Souls publisher Bandai Namco has announced they’ve reached a deal with Polish developer The Farm 51 for it’s upcoming Xbox One, PlayStation 4 & PC shooter, Get Even.

Get Even has been in development for years now and is being tagged as a ‘psychological thriller’ that combines FPS elements with personal investigation. It aims to distance itself from the other shooters we so commonly see nowadays.

Bandai Namco released a statement regarding Get Even:

Eschewing the usual clichés and gung-ho scenarios currently inhabiting the FPS genre, Get Even packs an alternative, mature, and intriguing story combined with strong shooter elements.

Not only is Bandai Namco publishing the game but they’re also providing The Farm 51 with production support. Bandai Namco executive, Herve Hoerdt, added that Get Even will be one of the publisher’s ‘key titles’ for the coming year. For it’s part, The Farm 51 development director, Wojciech Pazdur, said aligning themselves with Bandai Namco will allow Get Even to realize it’s full potential.

Get Even is set to launch in 2016, and will even support the Project Morpheus and Oculus Rift virtual reality headsets.

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