As a huge fan of the DmC (Devil May Cry series), words can’t describe how excited I am for the release of DmC: Definitive Edition.

Here I will detail the most best parts about this games release!

The best part about the Definitive Edition is that Virgil has now been given his own mode of Bloody Palace.

Here are several other features that the Defenitive Edition will include:

  • Graphics being enhanced to 1080p graphics at 60fps
  • The original DLC is included for no extra charge
  • Turbo Mode- Which is another difficulty, allowing you to play the game 20x’s faster than you normally would (recommended for the pro’s n’ veterans)
  • Lock on mode

The most important feature is the fact they’ve added a Bloody Palace mode for Virgil. Bloody Palace is a 101 round mode where you challenge hoardes of demons. The catch is, you can’t heal yourself using items, you can’t die, otherwise it all ends, and the difficulty increases every 20 levels.

If you beat Bloody Palace playing as Dante, you fight Vergil as the final boss. What I want to know is who the last enemy will be if you play as Vergil.

If these features excite you as much as they do with me, pick the game up  tomorrow! You can preorder it either on Amazon or Gamestop!

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