Star Wars Battlefront is set to feature power-ups as well as the expected weapons in its online multiplayer. Power ups are dotted across the maps and collected by players, and essentially the remove the ability for players to spawn into certain vehicles as in Battlefield.

Speaking to OXM, Battlefront’s producer – Sigurlina Ingvarsdottir – had this to say.

“The power-ups are basically what you pick up in the level, so they might be an especially powerful weapon – like the ability to call in a strike or an X-Wing, TIE Fighter or AT-AT – or a hero token, which would then spawn you as a villain or hero, depending on which faction you are playing.”

No word yet on how difficult these power-ups may be to obtain, but it certainly looks set to back up DICE’s claims that Battlefront will be a unique multiplayer experience, as opposed to a re-skinned Battlefield. To learn more about Star Wars Battlefront’s multiplayer and the new Star Cards system designed for unlocks, check out this news piece.

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