Last year, we were gifted with a hilarious parody trailer for Final Fantasy XV by Nissin, makers of Cup Noodle, and it seems that a scene in that trailer will be coming true.

In the trailer, we see Noctis wearing a large Cup Noodle as a hat, an obvious upgrade from his normal outfit, and it seems that we’ll be getting that fabulous hat in-game. For Final Fantasy’s 30th anniversary, Nissin has released the “Boss Collection”, a set of cup noodles with Final Fantasy designs. The 6,048 yen set of 15 Cup Noodle was said to only award 30 lucky purchasers with a special “Ultima Weapon Fork”, but according to SiliconEra, everyone who purchases the delicious noodles will also be getting a free Cup Noodle hat.

We’re seeing a trend in Final Fantasy XV DLC of just embarrassing the prince, and it’s a trend that better not stop. The Moogle Chocobo carnival make Noctis look like an excited tourist, and these silly DLCs are a nice contrast to how serious he always looks. A scowl on his face and a Cup Noodle on his head will make the perfect photo opportunity for Prompto.

The Nissin Final Fantasy Boss Collection is available for purchase on the company’s Japanese site, and features iconic characters like Sephiroth.

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