Star Wars: The Force Awakens has brought back a beloved sci fi franchise. It beat out Avatar in U.S. box office sales. It’s given us a new favorite Stormtrooper. The viewing’s been seen as a cultural phenomenon, with a large number of people already having seen the film at least once. But now, it must hang its humble head towards the BAFTA’s, where it hasn’t done so hot compared to other films of the year.

While the film was a hit in the theaters, it only received 4 nominations: Production Design, Sound, Original Music, and Special Visual Effects. Comparatively, Mad Max has a total of 7 nominations. They’re both beaten out by Carol and Bridge of Spieseach receiving 9 nominations.

The lauded British film festival will premier on February 14th, where the winners of each category will be announced. Bridge Of Spies, Carol, and The Revenant all received nominations for Best Film, together with the dramas The Big Short and Spotlight. For more on which films received nominations, the BAFTA site has them all laid out.

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