Super Smash Bros for the Wii U and 3DS are both among the most popular games in the Nintendo community right now. These are the first games in the franchise to really take advantage of downloadable content, adding new surprise characters like Ryu and Lucas. At the end of the month, fans of Suoer Smash Bros are gonna get even more.

In a report from NintendoLife, it was shown that on Juky 31st, there will be an update to the game, adding more maps, Mii skins, the highly anticipated tournament mode. Also in the update is the ability to upload your Smash videos to YouTube. This is a great new feature for competitive players, looking to show off their stuff. Unfortunately, while this update is free for Wii U owners, some of the content is not for those who play on their 3DS.

Suoer Smash Bros can only get better and better as new content keeps coming along. Keep it up Nintendo!

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