It’s Tuesday again, and that means the challenges in Destiny have been reset. When you come home from work, get out of class, or finally decide to get out of bed, you’ll have more chances to complete this week’s PvE challenges in Destiny, and have a few more chances at getting the gear or materials you’ve been after. Let’s see what we’ve got to work with.

This week’s Heroic strike is on Mars, where you’ll be battling the Cabal and taking down Valus Ta’aurc. The usual Heroic modifier is active, as well as Grounded, so try not to Blink or boost-jump too much.

As for the Nightfall strike, you’ll be headed to Venus to defeat the powerful Vex Nexus. Other than the Epic and Nightfall modifiers, you’ll be dealing with Angry, Brawler, and Grounded. As with the weekly Heroic, try to stay on the ground if at all possible, and if you happen to find yourself in a pinch, don’t hesitate to abuse the extra melee damage you get with Brawler…just remember that the enemies won’t flinch, not matter what you hit them with.

The Prison of Elders arena is getting changed up too, if that’s your fancy. The level 32 challenge pits you against the Fallen Servitor god, Kaliks Reborn, while level 34 will have you fighting the Hive ogre Gulrot, Unclean.

Those are your Destiny PvE challenges for this week, Guardians. Have at it!

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