It’s Tuesday, and that means the Weekly Reset has been activated in Destiny. Every Guardian knows the Weekly Reset means a change-up in PvE challenges – that being said, let’s take a look at what there’ll be to do while you wait for the Trials of Osiris this weekend.

In the Weekly Heroic Strike, you’ll be facing the Fallen House of Winter on Venus as one of their Archon Priests returns from the Prison of Elders. Active modifiers are Void Burn and the usual Heroic. Since Fallen Captains use Arc shielding, it may be a nice idea to have at least one Arc weapon on hand (the Vestian Dynasty would be a great choice). The Word of Crota hand cannon or Atheon’s Epilogue primaries would also come in handy, due to their Void elemental damage; if you’ve got other Void primaries, they’d be nice, too. Whatever you decide to use, choose wisely!

The Weekly Nightfall Strike will take you to the Cosmodrome on Earth to fight Omnigul and her Hive army. This strike is known for being a bit difficult, and the modifiers won’t make it any easier: other than Epic and Nightfall, there’s Void, Solar, and Arc burn. Yeesh. Usually, the Hive only have Arc or Solar shielding, depending on the enemy, and the Fallen you encounter in the beginning only use Arc shields. Either way, its best to use an elemental primary of your choosing, and your best Special and Heavy weapons. Strategizing with your fireteam may also be a good idea, especially before things go sour.

If strikes aren’t your thing, the Prison of Elders is always there for you in the Reef. The level 32 Prison of Elders arena will pit you against Gulrot, Unclean and the Hive in the final round, and the level 34 arena will have you fighting Valus Trau’ug and the Cabal. Grab some friends and show the inmates who’s boss.

Those are this week’s challenges in Destiny. Have at them so you can get your Strange Coins and gear!

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