Yves Guillemot, chief executive at Ubisoft, believes that VR is the next big innovation for gaming and thinks that Ubisoft will be at the forefront of developing games for the new technology. Citing their ability to create large and immersive open-world experiences, Guillemot believes that Ubisoft will be able to use a similar framework with some modifications to it to create a more-defined experience on VR devices.

“We feel the people that create worlds will be the winners of the VR Industry for sure,” he stated at an investors meeting recently. “What’s interesting is that in those worlds you’ll have many ways to interact. The fact that we create worlds is a big plus. When they are [being created] you can have an experiences that adapt to different customers.”

He later continued:

“VR has a lot more accessibility–a lot more than with a controller–because you can interact with the world just by moving your head or pushing a button. This means a lot more people can come to this industry, like it happened with the Wii and Apple’s touchscreen. Bringing them to worlds in which they can choose what to do is a great opportunity,” he added. “There’s good potential, and the people that create worlds have an advantage in that.”

While Guillemot does still believe that many VR-specific game designs will be created, he seems to have few doubts that their experience with open-world gaming will help Ubisoft be at the forefront of innovation, once VR technology has become more ubiquitous, that it.

Recently at E3, Trackmania Turbo was announced for the PC, PS4, and Xbox One. With the announcement, they stated that the game would also be functional with VR technology.

“Ubisoft is always excited about new hardware and platforms and creating innovative experiences,” Ubisoft’s vice president of creative Lionel Raynaud said earlier in the year when asked about VR technology.

Do you think Ubisoft will be able to innovate for this new type of technology? Or do you think a new wave of developers and publishers might take the reigns over Ubisoft? Sound off in the comments!

Souce: GameSpot

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