Yoshinori Ono, Street Fighter producer, recently talked about why Capcom decided to make changes relating to the games focus on female bodies.

Ono recently sat down with UOL Jogos and gave insight into some of the games aspects that caused some degree of uproar with fans. Some of these included Cammy’s entrance and R.Mika’s critical art, apparently these issues were also flagged internally at Capcom.

During the interview Ono said We didn’t make any changes due to external influences, these changes came up internally. We decided to remove the animations because we want as many people to play as possible, and we do not want something that might make someone uncomfortable.”

The initial versions of the game had female wrestling character R.Mika slapping her behind during her critical art. Changes have been made so that during this animation the controversial area is out of shot. Similarly Cammy’s entrance has been edited so the camera no longer draws so much attention to her crotch.

Referring to these changes Ono also said “There cannot be something in the game that makes people think, ‘this is not acceptable.’ We probably won’t be able to remove everything that might offend someone, but our goal is to at least reduce that number as much as possible to think ‘okay, there’s this issue here, but its within the limits.’ We want everyone to play and enjoy the game without worrying about anything else.”

Capcom has recently announced that another Beta for the game will be up from December 18th for both PC and PS4.


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