The Escapist is a strategy game developed by Mouldy Toof Studios and published by Team17. It’s based on escaping a prison using a variety of means with many potential escape routes. You are an inmate at a prison and your goal is to escape using by any means possible; plan, plot and pull off your escape in 6 different prisons with 6 different potential escape routes for every prison including the classic digging under and out as well as a prison take over.

With over 200 items to sell, use and craft it will take players some time to find and own each item at least once. In order to escape the prisons players will need to work jobs to obtain money to trade with and get items then use these items to craft weapons and tools to use in your escape. Besides jobs players can do favors for other inmates to earn money such as beating up other inmates, causing distractions and stealing for them.

Like all prisons Guards do exists and will become more of a problem the further players advance; guards will become suspicious of you when you do not follow the expected time table, search your cell and your person for banned goods and items and will attack you if they see you trying to escape or doing certain things such as digging out a wall. However you can beat up a Guard and steal the uniform to blend in with the guards as you make an escape.

The Escapists was released on PC and Xbox One in February this year and a Playstation 4 release date has not yet been announced but the game is confirmed to be coming to the PS4 in the near future. There are plans yet to bring the game to the PS Vita as the developers are currently focusing on the PS4 release however they have not ruled it out.

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