Amazon, the online retailer, is abandoning their used game trade in program in the UK and Germany. As of August 31st the program will cease to exist, and France is under consideration[for the program to be cancelled]. The US will continue to support the trade-in program.

Amazon’s program allowed you to send in games via snail mail to the corporation, they would then offer you payment for the games you sent in. Usually Amazon would offer credit for the site.

With the program ending August 31st, if you want to make sure your games are received (and not shipped back to you) you will want to ensure you have 6 business days left before the programs closure.

Amazon recently lost 3 high level employees, some of which worked previously for Valve, in their gaming department. The choice to cut off the trade-in program probably doesn’t have a lot to do with losing the employees, but it could reflect the difficulty of competing with the major retail game stores already established. Adding in the increasing popularity of digital games, its time to get out before you lose too much money.

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