After an incredibly long wait, Rockstar has finally announced that Grand Theft Auto V online will have heists on March 10th, and a PC version of the game will release April 14th. Alongside this announcement came a series of tantalising screenshots that show off some of the challenges players will face in online heists.

Heists will feature 4 players working together to plan and execute difficult and multi-part raids and robberies through out Los Santos. This is a feature that exists in the campaign, though an online version was promised at Grand Theft Auto V‘s launch back in 2013.

The screenshots themselves feature different heists available in the online mode, as well as some vehicles that will be available. Judging by the screenshots, the heists look like they’ll take a solid level of teamwork to complete, and will include a variety of intense scenarios.

GTA V heist

GTA V heist

GTA V heist

GTA V heist 8

GTA V heist 9

GTA V heist 10

GTA V heist 11

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