While he swore off making games again due to the fear of being a curse, Guillermo del Toro has expressed his utter desire to work on a project with good friend Hideo Kojima on ‘whatever the f- he wants’. Announced during a mediated interview with Geoff Knightley at the 2016 D.I.C.E Summit, the duo talked about their experiences and their journey together when it came to PT.

I’ll do whatever the f- he wants. With this guy, I always have fun, so whatever he says, I’ll do. – Guillermo del Toro

The feeling was mutual for Kojima as he mentioned that he wants to do a project with del Toro again, on anything.

Of course, I’d love to. I don’t care what it is. It’s gonna probably be hell, it’s gonna probably be really tough, it’s probably gonna be a game or a movie. I don’t care, but we’ll do it together. – Hideo Kojima

During the discussion, del Toro also made talked about what PT really was:

“The great thing about PT is that Hideo said, ‘Well, we’re gonna do this low-tech. We’re gonna do this so that people don’t know it’s us until the ending, so it’s gonna be kinda crappy. That was him not putting the foot fully on the pedal… PT itself was meant to be sort of a decoy.”

I’m honestly looking forward to whatever project they have in mind. The dream duo can’t be stopped and magic will certainly happen once the project is made and the cards are on the table.

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