Since Rocksteady already released Batman: Arkham Night’s August DLC, Rocksteady Studios is now turning it’s attention to what’s coming next for the Dark Night’s action game next month.

On September 1, Rocksteady will release the first Arkham Knight’s Crime Fighter Challenge Packs, the developer has announced. The DLC package will include six AR challenges for Batman, Robin, Nightwing, and Catwoman. Additional packs will be released in the incoming months.

Later in September, as suspected, Rocksteady will launch the 2008 Tumbler Batmobile Pack, which is inspired by Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight. This bundle also comes with two new tracks.

For more on all the DLC coming to Arkham Knight in September, check out the bullet points below, written by Rocksteady.

  • Crime Fighter Challenge Pack #1 (Sept. 1): Receive 6 AR challenges for Batman, Nightwing, Robin and Catwoman. This expansive challenge pack allows focused training in Freeflow Combat and Invisible Predator stealth incursion.
  • GCPD Lockdown (Later in Sept.): Set after the events of Arkham Knight, play as Nightwing to stop the Penguin from breaking out of the Gotham City Police Department in this thrilling story pack.
  • 2008 Tumbler Batmobile Pack (Later in Sept.): Inspired by the 2008 movie The Dark Knight, intimidate your foes with the Tumbler Batmobile and race through two themed tracks.
  • Original Arkham Batman Skin (Later in Sept.): Fight the war against Gotham City with the original Arkham Asylum Batman costume.

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