Game developers Press Play announced that Project: Knoxville will be their next game in development. The game was voted in by Press Play’s community.

Project: Knoxville is described as a “a 3rd person multiplayer action-survival game in which players MUST work both together and against each other.” The game is influenced by movies such as the Hunger Games and The Running Man. Maintaining relationships with other player is key as you must use them for your own benefit. Players won’t have to always play nice or work as a team in order to advance. Overall, the game will have a sadistic feel to it.

Not much has been released on Project: Knoxville, but the team is working on a shareable version on game for testing. As of now, Press Play is looking for people who can test their game and provide feedback. You can sign up on their website for a chance to play the early prototype here.

Furthermore, tune in on September 17th at 8am for Press Play’s bi-weekly Twitch stream. Viewers will get a glimpse of the design process, as well as get the chance to talk with some of the developers.

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