Divinity: Original Sin 2 developer Larian Studios has announced that legendary RPG developer Chris Avellone will be working on the project.

Larian has confirmed that Avellone will “develop and write at least one of the playable origin stories in the game.”

Avellone, a founding member of Obsidian Entertainment, has worked on many RPGS such as Fallout 2, Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic II, and more recently Pillars Of Eternity.

The partnership was primarily a result of fan feedback. Larian studios asked fans what kind of backer awards and stretch goals they’d want to see. Eventually, Avellone’s name was dropped and the idea took off. Larian founder Swen Vincke and Chris Avellone met at Pax Prime back in August


Original Sin 2’s Kickstarter ends on September 30. As of now, backers have pledged over $1.5 million towards the game and it’s stretch goals. As of now, the game will feature dedicated mod support as well.

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