Final Fantasy XV’s latest technical demonstration shows off some fairly impressive features. The demo states one of the games biggest challenges: making everything as dynamic as possible.

According to Sharif Elcott, the Lead Graphics R&D Engineer, not only will the game support a physics based lighting system and global illumination, but we can also expect to see a living world in the scenery and environment.

A main focus for the games character animations is to have a seamless interaction between character models and outside parameters. Brian Sabin, a Senior Animation R&D Engineer, says they hope to “remove character disconnect between character models and nearby terrain, objects, and dynamic forces.” Characters, both human and monster, will be given the ability to look around, think, and interact with their surroundings.

The demo also portrays the teams desire for realistic aesthetics by showing its multilayer paint job on vehicle models and character skin that gives the effect of absorbing light as opposed to simply reflecting it. These high quality models pair with the aforementioned physics based lighting to create some truly breathtaking visuals.

Food also took some of the spotlight in the demo. Each food model has been given its own “luster and firmness” with the hope of creating “cuisine so good, players can taste it” says Character Artist, Yuki Matsuo.

The new system will also allow for an extremely large number of particles to be created and independently interact with the environment.

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