Treyarch confirms many returning features and promises a few new ones in a recent Twitter Q&A performed on the @Callofduty Twitter page.

While much of Black Ops 3 is still under wraps, such as details for a brand new Prestige system, Treyarch was able to make a few confirmations for the upcoming shooter.

Among the most important announcements;

– There will be an emblem editor in the final release.

-Playlists will mostly be six on six, but there are varying modes with different numbers of players.

-You won’t be able to change your class, or “specialist,” during a match.

One concern that many had was that the Time To Kill (TTK), or health, of the player was too quick, resulting in quick deaths for everyone. While nothing has changed as of yet, Treyarch has promised to look into user feedback on the matter before the final release of the game.

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