Following its record setting debut that made £6.3 million first-day in the UK, Spectre got to enjoy a pretty comfortable reception in the states this weekend. Spectre’s box office figures reached a hefty $73 million opening weekend, which is the second strongest domestic opening for a Bond film of all time, topped only by 2012’s Skyfall ($88.4 million). This means that Spectre‘s cumulative global box office performance now stands at roughly $300 million.

The site Deadline actually has a full breakdown of this weekend’s box office numbers which can be viewed below, the site also reports that Spectre may have benefited from the fact that there is no major film release until November 20, when The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2 is set to arrive. By comparison, when Skyfall debuted back in 2012, the final Twilight movie was released during Skyfall‘s second week.


The top five movies at the US box office this week are listed below, care of Deadline.

  1. Spectre — $73 million
  2. The Peanuts Movie — $45 million
  3. The Martian — $9.3 million
  4. Goosebumps — $7 million
  5. Bridge of Spies — $6.1 million

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