This past Tuesday, Riot released their weekly patch update with changes to items and champions. Patch 5.15 was a smaller one, bringing back an updated Gangplank, new visual Fiora and buffing Satan himself.

Gangplank isn’t dead! Huzzah! He is back with a new base skin and ability. His E, which previously gave you and surrounding teammates a temporary speed boost, is now replaced with Powder Keg. Powder Keg explodes if Gangplank places and shoots them, damaging and slowing enemies in the vicinity. His passive sets the enemies on fire, instead of giving them scurvy, but still deals damage over time.

Fiora, who was recently disabled in game due to a bug, has received a somewhat controversial visual update.

fiora-classic fiora

The image on the left is before the visual update. Not a lot of summoners are okay with this change, but they’ll get used to it. Think of how much Sion changed in his visual update. Fiora also has an entirely new kit.

Up next we have Teemo. He had what some could call a nerfed buff. His passive, which lets him go invisible after standing still for a few seconds, has changed. He now camouflages twice as fast while in bushes, and can also move around camouflaged in said bushes. The only time he is revealed is if he attacks someone, and that has also been nerf buffed. His attack speed after coming out of Camouflage is no longer 40% at all levels, but has changed to 20/40/60/80% at levels 1/5/10/15. It only takes him 1.5 seconds, now, to camouflage.

The other ability that was nerf buffed for Teemo was his Noxious Trap. The shrooms that we love so dearly now have a duration of 5 minutes, instead of 10. The cast range has increased ridiculously from 200 to 300/600/900, and they can also bounce off of eachother to place them further away.

The HUD has changed a bit again, this time with a thicker font, some colored text and the XP bar is brighter. Players seem to be getting used to it (those who haven’t had it on the PBE) and it is definitely looking better than originally shows in the PBE release images.

You can now select your ward skins in the champion select menu, instead of changing them before queuing.

And finally, our upcoming skin is Cottontail Fizz! Nothing cuter than a fish from hell in a bunny costume!

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