Eric “Urk” Osborne and DeeJ from Bungie sat down with IGN this week at Gamescom to talk about Destiny: The Taken King. In the podcast, Eric addresses why the latest expansion for Destiny is priced at $40 when the two previous expansions, The Dark Below and House of Wolves, were each priced at $20.

When asked about the value of the new expansion compared to The Dark Below, Osborne replied, “You’ve got a full campaign and I think people are going to enjoy the cinematics, the characters, the missions. We’re taking you to the Dreadnaught, to Phobos, up into colony ships. Nathan Fillion (Firefly) is talking to you, Lance Reddick (The Wire) is talking to you, it’s good stuff.”

When pressed more about specifics, Osborne explained, “I don’t have any trouble saying that The Taken King is well more than twice as much content as the Dark Below. I don’t want to oversell it, I want to set expectations properly, but for me playing it, it’s a really great experience. The story’s great, there’s seven Crucible multiplayer maps, there’s three brand-new Strikes, and they’re the best Strikes we’ve delivered to date. They’re a lot of variety in them, they’re really fun.”

He continued, “We’ve got the Dreadnaught, which is not just a big new destination to explore, it’s really deep and layered, there’s tons of little hidden secrets and things you can collect that might take the community half as long as we probably perceived they will to figure out, but riddles and clues and stories and quests and quest logs and more guns and more gear and exotics. We’ve got three revised Strikes that are existing Year One Strikes, but with the Taken infused in them to change them up for the first time. We’ve got the Raid, we’ve got a bunch of stuff we aren’t talking about but will about our in-game content.”

To give some perspective on how much content has been included in previous DLC packs, the first pack, The Dark Below, featured a short campaign, a Raid, a Strike, and three Crucible maps. The second pack, House of Wolves, came with a Raid, a Strike, a new social space, three Crucible maps, four new story missions, and a new competitive mode entitled Trials of Osiris.

The Taken King is Destiny’s biggest expansion to date with massive changes coming to the game including: a different leveling systemnerfing legendary weapons like the gjallarhorn, and even creating a one-time level boost to encourage new players to jump into the Destiny experience.

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