Announced days ago by Twitch, due to the resounding success of TwitchCon last year, the next and all subsequent TwitchCon will be upgraded. Not only will it be annual, but it will be extended for three days and moved to San Diego Convention Center instead of the San Francisco Moscone Center. The entirety of the event will take place from September 30th through to October 2nd.

Last year, TwitchCon saw attendance of over 20,000 people. This year, the projection is skewered higher due to the rising popularity of various Twitch personalities and Twitch users. To the point where simple booths at other conventions don’t cut it anymore.

The discussion on location is still up in the air, but the desire is to keep the convention somewhere close by so that all Twitch employees can attend without travel problems.

Speaking of travel, if you wish to attend the 2nd TwitchCon, you’ll have to pick up tickets here. Be quick!

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